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Mama Holds Me Close: print your own coloring booklet

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"Mama Holds Me Close?" has now become a coloring book!

The coloring book version comes FREE with your purchase of "Mama Holds Me Close." Just share a picture of you with your copy of the book on my Facebook page or share and tag me on Instagram @melispanter, and I'll send you a free download code!

Visit to 'flip through' a preview of the softcover version of this book, which is very similar.

The ebook or softcover versions of the original "Mama, Who Drinks Milk Like Me?" as well as other free downloads, are available at

16 pages altogether including:

Blank first page (for creating your own booklet)

Title page

11 mama/baby animal pairs pages

1 "What a great job you did coloring!" page (words only)

Blank end page (for creating your own booklet)

Instruction page

Here are the instructions to create your very own coloring book in a booklet format:

1. Open file in Adobe Acrobat.

2. Click “File” then “Print”.

3. Under “Page Sizing & Handling” click “Multiple”.

4. At the “Pages per sheet:” option, select 2.

5. Page order should be set at horizontal.

6. Orientation should be set at portrait.

7. Print!

8. Fold inside pages, image-side together.

9. Fold the cover page, blank-side together.

10. Glue all the blank sides together.

11. Ta-da! Your very own mini coloring book!

The minimum price is $0.99, but if you would like to further support my efforts in creating other children's books, you can easily enter in another price. It would be greatly appreciated! Either way, you'll have to enter the price in the little rectangle next to "Name a Fair Price" before you click "I want this!" Don't forget, if you bought the physical book already, take a picture and share it with me to get a free download code for this coloring booklet.

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Mama Holds Me Close: print your own coloring booklet

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